We have recently invested in a new Stumpgrinder. To see it in operation and learn a bit about it's capabilities please go to the Links page and click on Predator 50 Stumpgrinder where you can see a short demo video.

After felling it is often acceptable to leave the cut stump in the grounds as, in time, it will decay and disappear. However, there are occasions when it is desirable to remove the stump, for example:

There is a risk of infection to other plants / trees

It is an obstruction for example in a lawn area

It prevents the construction of an extension, wall, conservatory, paving etc

A new tree or plant is to replace it.


0ur stumpgrinder can remove the stump to approximately 18 - 23 inches below ground level.

It is important that you advise us of any underground services in the vicinity of the stump. We cannot be held liable for any damage resulting from the use of the Stumpgrinder to underground cables etc. 

The design allows the tracks to move in meaning that it can get into very tight spaces as narrow as 2 feet 7 inches.

Following a stump grinding operation there will be a residual pile of " grindings". These will be mixed up with the soil and left in the hole created. These will through time rot done in situ. We do not allow for the removal of any chippings. We endeavour to keep the amount of mess to a minimum by using shields to contain the chippings.

The cost is based upon the number and size of stumps to be removed. If you only have one small stump it may be benificial to wait until we are conducting removals in your area, this would help keep the cost down for everyone.

The tree will not regrow with perhaps one or two exceptions, Willow may send up the odd shoot from a peice of root, these can easily dealt with at the time should they appear.






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